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MassCalamity is a writing project conceptualized in December 2017 by the founder of this wiki, Cracker Volley (formerly TheNeolancer).

MC in a Nutshell

A Mass Calamity will be a story about several characters who happen to be at the same location at the same time. Eventually, two of the characters eventually encounter each other and are forced to fight due to combating goals (like a Wingull steals Heavy's sandwich or something). The other characters eventually get caught up in this, which snowballs out of control, creating havoc to the location.


  • Any outcome is allowed, with a few exceptions.
    • No racial, overly lewd, or any other controversial stuff happens.
  • Restrictions on Characters
    • You can not use OCs (FCs are permitted) unless they are approved by an admin.
  • Please be aware that Mass Calamity is not based on VS Debating
    • Please be aware that the outcome of a story is decided by the writer and will likely not be an answer to a "Who Would Win" Debate.
    • Please don't make negative comments on a story if a character you like gets defeated (such as Son Goku getting his faced smashed in by a Rattata).


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